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Summary of VDJbase Dataset

Project ID Accession ID Institute Subjects Samples Link to the paper Accession link
P1 BioProject: PRJEB26509 Bar Ilan University 96 96
P2 SRA: SRP075992 STANFORD 7 12
P3 Unpublished YALE 3 6
P4 BioProject: PRJEB28370 Bar-Ilan University, Safed 31 31
P5 BioProject: PRJNA527941 University of Zurich 46 137
P6 Unpublished Stanford 109 109
P7 BioProject:PRJNA270742 MIT 7 20
P8 SRA:SRP065626 STANFORD 10 10
P9 BioProject: PRJNA338795 YALE 16 40
P10 BioProject: PRJNA248475 YALE 4 8
P11 Unpublished Bar Ilan University 42 42
P12 BioProject: PRJNA248411 UCSF (University of California San Francisco) 8 23
P13 SRA: SRP057017 Emory University 5 5
P14 BioProject: PRJNA381394 University of Genova 8 8
P15 SRA: SRP057017 Emory University 13 13

Some of the interesting results revealed by VDJbase

Allele Distribution

selected IGHJ throughout the database


Heterozygosity abundance for each gene in the samples of interest

Gene Usage

gene deletion

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